Frontend Engineer

Permanent position




You'll be working on fluid, our brand that we use to develop the intellectual property operating system. 



The majority of our work is on Python and the Frappe Framework based. This is the engine that drives the core of our products. You become in one of our Data & Technology Streams work: 
  • Agile delivery teams work closely with the customer and product management to come up with innovative solutions to current problems. 
  • Product teams tackle complex technical problems and combine different frameworks and APIs to deliver new products that set standards in terms of usability and performance.  
  • Infrastructure and support teams manage and operate a large number of server instances for our SaaS customers and ensure the highest availability. The focus here is on release management, data migrations, CI/CD pipeline management and operations. 


  • Bachelor's degree or higher in the field of software development, information technology or similar technical focus or comparable practical experience. 
  • Ideally 2 - 4 years of professional work experience. 
  • Solid knowledge of basic web technologies such as HTTP, REST, AJAX and JSON. 
  • Comprehensive understanding of modern web frameworks such as Vue.js or Angular and their basic principles. 
  • Hands-on experience in unit and integration testing using Jest / Cypress. 
  • Experience working with REST APIs. 
  • Experience with Node.js and Express. 
  • Sound CSS knowledge and hands-on experience in Responsive design development. 
  • Very good knowledge of web standards, cross-browser compatibility and Accessibility.
  • Ideally have you experience with Micro-Frontends, Web-components and the implementation of design systems.
  • Agile development experience (SCRUM).
  • Good German and English skills You should have a passion for writing clean source code and strive to develop the optimal solution for complex technical problems.
  • You should be a highly qualified developer who already proven his individual skills in customer and/or hobby projects. could prove.

Why us?

By using the latest technologies and software development methods, noventive is redefining the current workflows of an entire industry. To ensure rapid development and growth, we are always looking for new talent to join our Data & Technology team. 
It is of great importance to us that we work together as a cohesive international team to find the best possible solutions to complex problems. To this end, we offer a working environment that can be seamlessly integrated into the dynamic daily life of each team member. Specifically, we offer: 
  • A modern and motivating corporate culture with flat hierarchies 
  • Flexible working hours (we don't track hours, we track results) 
  • Free choice of work location (in our office in Munich or flexibly from your own home - Residence in Germany required)
  • Great potential for own development and extensive opportunities for co-creation

About us

We build the Operating System for Intellectual Property. The noventive group consists of a technology company and a patent law firm with various brands and services. Our vision is to protect tomorrow's most innovative ideas with the latest technologies. In doing so, we put the client and the patent attorney at the centre and offer them the best possible services for their everyday life. We achieve this through automation, lean processes and innovative solutions.

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