Patent Attorney (m/f/d)


Full or part time





  • Direct contact for clients
  • Mandate support at eye level with full responsibility
  • Independent coordination of deadlines (red deadlines) and follow-ups (resubmissions), supported by professionally experienced Pafas
  • Close coordination with Pafas and Customer Success Manager
  • Coordination of colleague workers
  • Full budget responsibility
  • Idea generator for new software features to make everyday work more efficient


  • You are a professionally experienced patent attorney (m/f/d) with senior appearance and highest professional expertise
  • You have your own client base (national as well as international)
  • You believe that patent attorneys should work as innovatively as their clients do
  • Your clients expect you to have a digital and efficient law firm infrastructure from the ground up
  • You see yourself as a highly specialised service provider with 100% customer orientation
  • An anticipatory and on-time delivery is a matter of course for you
  • You appreciate flexible working, whether remotely or in modern offices at different locations
  • New leadership and partner structures are the future for you
  • You are a team player who supports your colleagues at all times
  • The fax machine is only a backup for you, used only in case of emergency

Why us?

We are patent attorneys who love our work and pursue the vision of bringing our clients and their innovative ideas to the forefront. In doing so, we aim to be as modern and innovative in our work as our clients. Our office is a place of encounter where clients and colleagues like to meet in person, even after work on one of our roof terraces. The place of work, on the other hand, is chosen flexibly. Working together at noventive is characterised by flat hierarchies, the personal you is a matter of course.

Our professional office infrastructure includes a professional liability insurance with an insured sum of 10 million EUR per insured event, in which our patent attorneys are included. In order to benefit from the limitation of liability of the limited liability company, the legal advice contract is concluded between the client and our law firm limited liability company. Nevertheless, we do not lay any claims to the mandates; in the event of a change of law firm, you remain flexible.

To ensure that the day-to-day work runs smoothly despite maximum flexibility, our professionally experienced pafas organise the back office fully digitally. All data is stored in German data centres, access is only permitted after 2-factor authentication. Chinese walls have already been implemented, each patent attorney has access only to his own files or, after individual activation, to further files.

We have not merely transferred our office processes to the digital world, but have rethought them from scratch. Our vision is to use smart solutions to automate everything that does not contribute to value creation or quality assurance. So that we can concentrate fully on providing legal advice to our clients, with the personal relationship in the foreground.

About us

We build the Operating System for Intellectual Property. The noventive group consists of a technology company and a patent law firm with various brands and services. Our vision is to protect tomorrow's most innovative ideas with the latest technologies. In doing so, we put the client and the patent attorney at the centre and offer them the best possible services for their everyday life. We achieve this through automation, lean processes and innovative solutions.

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