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We offer our services around the protection of intellectual property for companies with and without their own IP department.

Patent protection

for technical inventions

Patents protect technical designs and process steps. They are officially examined, granted and are legally binding.

Utility model protection

for technical inventions

Utility models are considered "the little patent". They are registered by the Office without examination and are the fastest way to obtain an IP right.

Trademark protection

for names and logos

Trademarks protect logos and product names. They can be renewed indefinitely and give goods and services a label.

Design protection

for aesthetic creations of form

Designs protect the design of a product. They are also known as design patents and protect for a maximum of 25 years.

IP Services

for administrative processes

Industrial property rights have to be organised, and in the process there are numerous administrative things that have to be done on time.

IP Consulting

for holistic IP management

Every patent department once started without defined processes. The increasing number of IP rights requires professional structures.

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