Clear design research

Are similar or even identical designs already in circulation? These and many other questions are answered by a design research.

Design protection

Review the competition.

Searches for existing IP rights are extensive and must be carried out conscientiously. Our lawyers will do this for you and check which designs have already been protected by your competitors.

You will receive a detailed overview, which can be analysed by our patent attorneys on request, because not every protected design is an obstacle to your design application. Through a search, you have an overview of the current market situation and can counteract IP right infringements.

Get overview

In particular, a registered design must be new, otherwise a competitor can take action against it. A search brings certainty here.

in view

With a term of up to 25 years, your product design is protected against plagiarism in the long term.

Counteract injury

noventive specialises in the registration of a large number of IP rights. In doing so, quality is our top priority.

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