Comprehensive annual fee service

We ensure that payments are made on time so that your property rights are maintained.

IP services

Monitoring of payment deadlines

Annual fees for industrial property rights must be paid in due time to the correct authority. The deadlines are different for each IP right. In many cases, the authority to which the fees must be paid even changes after the grant.

Especially with a large portfolio of IP rights, it is time-consuming to keep track of payment deadlines. Our specialised staff will take over this service for you. This way, you do not run the risk of losing your rights by not paying the fees.

Deadlines in view

We keep an eye on all payment deadlines for you so that your property rights remain ongoing.

Portfolio management

Our annual fee service is particularly aimed at companies with a large IP portfolio.

Avoid loss of rights

By paying the annual fees in due time, your protection rights remain in force. Otherwise they lose their effect.

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