Secured in the event of
trademark infringements

Your company has inadvertently infringed existing trademark rights? Your brand is being copied by competitors? In both cases, you have come to the right place.

Trademark protection

Sovereign partner in trademark infringement proceedings

If property rights are infringed, it is important to take the best possible action against it. We take on this task very conscientiously and stand by your side in the event of threatened trade mark infringement proceedings. Our experienced lawyers assess the respective situation and often know immediately which course of action should be taken.

We ensure that your rights are paramount and enforced. In the case of trade mark infringements, various claims can often be asserted, such as injunctive relief, information or damages. We advise you on this in detail.

Using your rights

Use your rights specifically against trade mark infringements. If you are accused of a trade mark infringement yourself, we will examine the possible course of action.

Assert claims

In the event of a trade mark infringement, you can, among other things, request detailed information on the respective extent and claim injunctive relief and damages.


If the other party does not agree to the claims, we will enforce your rights in court and take over the legal representation.