Only a careful search guarantees that no
existing property rights are infringed.

Patent protection

The search as the cornerstone of the patent

In professional patent searches, experts check whether there is relevant prior art in various databases. This makes it easier to assess the chances of success of one's own patent applications. For this purpose, various databases (e.g. from the German Patent and Trade Mark Office or the European Patent Office) are checked worldwide. In the second step, patent attorneys compile the collected information and start a comprehensive analysis.

We also offer FTO analyses (freedom-to-operate analyses), in which existing property rights of third parties are searched for and examined in detail. This prevents the infringement of third party property rights. Further information on the FTO analysis

Protection against patent infringement

An FTO analysis protects your company from infringing existing IP rights.

Determine state of the art

An invention must be new and must not belong to the prior art. A search is required to define the current state of the art.


The information from the databases must be conscientiously analysed in order to derive a recommendation for action.

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