Uncomplicated EP validation

Validate your European patent in as many countries as you like. We provide strategic advice and operational implementation for comprehensive international patent protection.

Patent protection

Nationalisation of your European patents

EP validation requires the successful grant of the European patent. You can then validate the EP patent in the countries where you have an economic influence. Validation includes local representation and claim translations into different languages.

Validation must comply with certain formal requirements imposed by the European Patent Office and the elected countries. First, the patent proprietor receives a communication from the Office under Rule 71 (3), to which he must respond within 4 months.

All formalities at a glance

The European Patent Office has various requirements that must be met within the time limit. We take care of the official communication and timely handling.


If you want to claim patent protection internationally, you need a legal representative in each country. With our partner network, we make this process easier for you.

Strategic advice

A clear patent strategy is the basis of international success. Take advantage of the expertise of our patent attorneys and let us advise you.

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