patent monitoring

The Office does not check whether your patents are infringed by competitors. We take care of the ongoing monitoring of your own and third party IP rights.

Patent protection

Keeping an eye on the competition .

By monitoring your competitors' patents, you always stay up to date. Patent monitoring involves reviewing publications and monitoring grant procedures. The monitoring service focuses on different areas.

It is possible to keep an eye on new applications as well as the procedural status of filed patent applications. In addition, we offer monitoring of entire fields of technology.

Competitor patents

Monitoring ensures that you can take action against third-party patents in good time. If a newly filed patent infringes one of your IP rights, you can file an opposition.

Status of proceedings

Especially in the corporate environment, competitors are already known. Have the legal status of specific IP rights monitored so that you can react to what is happening in the market at an early stage.

Technology fields

A sought-after patent monitoring strategy is the monitoring of technology fields. We monitor specific classes and specialise in complex searches.

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