Design infringement

Your company is accused of infringing existing design rights? Your design is being copied by competitors? In both cases, you have come to the right place.

Design protection

Take actionagainst warning letters.

Designs and registered designs are considered unexamined IP rights. This means that the Office does not examine the design applications for the legal requirements (novelty and individual character). This is the responsibility of the applicant or the appointed patent attorney.

All the greater is the danger that your competitor has an (unchecked) design right but does not protect it. Unjustified warnings, cease-and-desist orders, interim injunctions and legal actions are the result. Our lawyers know how you can take action against this and prevent design infringements.

On time

Often the response periods to allegations of infringement are very short. We ensure rapid communication with the other party.

Single audit

Our patent attorneys check whether property rights of third parties are infringed and then give you well-founded recommendations for action.

Representation in court

We represent you up to the last instance - regardless of whether you are accused of a design infringement or whether you want to take active action against the infringement of your rights yourself.