Detailed trademark searches

In the case of trade mark applications, the Office does not check whether IP rights already exist that would be infringed. Only a search can provide an overview.

Trademark protection

Prevent expensive infringement claims with research.

If you commission the registration of certain trade marks without a preliminary search, you risk infringing existing IP rights. This can lead to costly litigation. To avoid such scenarios, a professional search should precede every trade mark application.

During the trade mark search, experienced lawyers check which trade marks have already been applied for in international registers. The next step is an analysis of whether these trade marks stand in the way of your trade mark application.

Detailed overview

Our trade mark search gives you a precise overview of the existing trade mark rights of your competitors.

Individual analysis

Our experienced patent and trade mark attorneys analyse whether the existing protective rights are relevant for your trade mark application.

Recommendation for action

Based on the research and analysis, you will receive a concrete recommendation for action for your project.

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