PCT nationalisations

Different filing strategies can be pursued for patent applications abroad. One very proven strategy is the PCT application.

Patent protection

Patent Cooperation Treaty

Patent applications can be filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Currently, 155 states participate in the PCT. In the PCT contracting states, the PCT application can be nationalised later.

Applicants can obtain international protection through a PCT application. By initiating national phases, patent applications are continued as national applications in the respective contracting states.

155 States Parties

In 155 countries, the patent application can be nationalised within a certain period. The applicant is free to choose in which countries patent protection is desired.

Use time factor

By means of the PCT filing strategy, internationalisation can be staggered. Companies can use this time factor to also stagger costs, for example.

Right of priority

For subsequent applications (both domestic and foreign), priority law can be applied. This gives the subsequent applications the original filing date.

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