Careless patent infringement proceedings

In the event of patent infringements that entail protracted litigation, we will stand up for your rights.

Patent protection

Patent infringements are not uncommon.

The competition never sleeps. Especially in the international market, plagiarism and patent infringement are not uncommon. The consequences of a patent infringement are warnings or lawsuits, which are often associated with costly litigation.

If one of your patents has been infringed, you can and should assert certain claims. These range from injunctions to claims for damages. You also have the right to insist on information so that you can obtain a comprehensive overview of the extent of the patent infringement.

Prevent complaints

You should ensure that you do not infringe any existing IP rights. We help you with prevention, so that there is no threat of lawsuits or warnings against your products.

Enforce rights

Are you affected by a patent infringement? Insist on your rights and take active action against it. We make sure that your company is covered in the event of litigation.

Representation in court

In litigation, you need experienced patent attorneys who will stand up for your rights. We take over the legal representation so that you have a strong partner at your side.

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