Long-term brand monitoring

Only careful monitoring of the trade mark register can reveal whether your IP rights are being infringed by third parties.

Trademark protection

Make use of your rights.

Continuous monitoring of the relevant trade mark registers gives you an overview of trade marks that may affect your trade mark rights. Without monitoring your trade marks, you will not know whether competitors have filed similar or even identical trade marks.

Should this occur, we will ensure that your trade mark rights are enforced. We will advise you comprehensively on possible courses of action.

Detect imitators

If a company applies for a similar or identical trade mark, you will only find out about it if you have the trade mark register monitored.

Risk assessment

If similar trademarks were found in the monitoring, our patent attorneys assess the infringement risk and contact you immediately.

Monthly report

Your patent attorney will inform you at monthly intervals about the results of the trade mark monitoring.

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