Automatic maintenance

IP rights must be continuously maintained,
in order to be able to guarantee the maximum term.
Our lawyers will be happy to do this for you.

Design protection

Extension of your property rights

If renewal fees are not paid on time, the maintenance of your IP rights is at risk. We keep track of the payment deadlines for all your IP rights and thus ensure the automatic renewal of your IP rights.

After paying the application fees, the maintenance fees of a design must be paid in due time at 5-year intervals. Otherwise, the registered designs lose their protective effect.

Deadline management

Especially with a large IP portfolio, reliable deadline management is of great importance.

Automatic payment

We take care of the payment of maintenance fees for you. This way, the fees are always sent to the Office on time.

Avoid loss of rights

By maintaining your designs in due time, you avoid losing your IP rights.

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